The steps and the material to make a table with pegs from A to Z


A piece of furniture not to be recommended on stony and rocky ground. On the other hand, on the soft ground of a forest, it is ideal. Indeed, it is made of 12 posts (uprights) driven into the ground and supporting crosspieces.
It is designed for 8 people if you use the benches a little, but it is easy to modify the dimensions.
Stability is essential: plant the stakes firmly, trimming them to a point and driving them about 30 cm into the ground.

  • hatchet
  • knife
  • saw
  • mallet
  • string

Parts and destination

  1. 30 to 40 mm diameter poles:
    4 table posts of 1,10 m
    8 backrest uprights of 1.30 m
    2 long crosspieces of 2 m
    6 medium crosspieces (2 for the table, 4 for the back of the benches) of 1.65 m
    6 short crosspieces (chairs) of 80 cm
  2. 20-30 mm diameter poles:
    8 or 10 – or only 4 – seat crosspieces for benches of 1.70 m
    12 to 16 chair seat sections of 60 cm table top sections of 80 cm

Plant the posts

Place the 2 long crosspieces on the ground, spaced 1.50 m apart, and place the 2 medium table crosspieces, spaced 60 to 65 cm apart, perpendicularly on top.
Drive the table post into each of their re-entrant corners, striking with a mallet or, failing that, a piece of wood.
Check that all the posts are at the same height by placing a straight wooden rod on top of them: it should be horizontal.

Assemble the crosspieces

Place the 2 middle rails of the table at a height of 70 to 75 cm from the ground. Attach them securely to the uprights with brackets.

Place the bench posts 10 cm from the end of the long rails.

Attach the long rails to the table and bench posts at a height of 40-45 cm from the floor.

Place the chair legs at the same level as the table legs and 50 cm from the long crosspiece.

Attach the short (seat) rails of the chairs at the same level as the long rails: 40 to 45 cm from the floor.

Attach the backs of the chairs (short rails) and benches (medium rails) 70-80 cm above the floor.

Technical tip

If the table lacks stability, secure the uprights by driving in 3 or 4 small stakes of about 20 cm at their base. Drive them in completely, because if they stick out, you could hurt yourself.
Place the 80 cm sections forming the tabletop and attach them side by side to the middle crosspieces. You can also make a rack of adequate size and then tie it in place.

Place the poles of the seat of the benches, juxtaposing them, and attach them to the long crosspieces.

Tie the chair seat sections together as well.


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