good morning tips to start your day perfectly

it makes a good day. Rituals, from loving body care to a pinch of mindfulness, help ensure that the first few minutes after waking up are good. And start the day with ease and happiness in your heart.

While some people jump out of bed in the morning full of vigour and without waking up, others torture themselves out of bed after pressing the snooze button 100 times. Even though most people are neither early risers nor pronounced late risers, there is always a certain tendency – whether it’s towards the cool morning larks or the night owls. Either way, it is impossible to avoid getting up.

Everyone has his own morning. There are countless tips for the morning routine – from Kneipp flows to meditation, from yoga to stretching, from raw smoothies to cooked breakfasts. “You have to decide for yourself which ritual becomes yours, whether it is one or several. What’s right for one person shouldn’t be right for another,” says Heckmann. If you feel stimulated by the nature of awakening and want to improve the start of the day with one or the other ritual, the following tips are recommended. To make sure the shot doesn’t backfire, however, there are two things to consider: First, you should start small – for example with two rituals. Think about who might be: What would give you joy and energy for the whole day? Also, think about when and how this new morning routine could be adapted. But it is very likely that – and this brings us to the second point – you will have to get up earlier. Maybe it’s only five minutes, maybe ten. It’s important that you take as much time as you want and can. Otherwise, there is a risk of stress – in the head and in the process – and we have enough of that in our daily lives.

And one last thing first: everyone has to find the right order for themselves. If you proceed according to the principle “fantasy and mood”, you will also have a good morning.

1. Good morning tip: How to make your bed

The course for a good morning is set the night before because the most important basis for a good morning is a good night’s sleep. According to experts, a high-quality mattress, a well-ventilated room and an ambient temperature between 16 and 18 degrees are considered to promote sleep, while excessive television or working on a computer late into the night are not. And most of them have already experienced first-hand that stress can rob you of sleep. Alone: some things can’t be avoided. In other words: “It can happen that you didn’t get a good night’s sleep and you don’t wake up optimally,” knows Inga Heckmann, who deliberately takes a few deep breaths in such cases. This supplies the body with oxygen, massages the internal organs and soothes the nervous system. “Put one hand on your belly so that you can feel yourself inhaling and exhaling. This concentration on breathing also stops the spiral of thought. “

2. Good morning tip: Stretch first, then get up.

If waking up takes us out of a deep sleep phase, we feel exhausted as soon as we wake up. Then it is especially important to stretch while lying in bed: “Put your arms above your head, stretch your legs and stretch in all directions. It only takes a minute, but it helps to start the day completely differently. By lounging and stretching, the muscles wake up and the breathing starts,” explains Heckmann.

3. Good morning tip: of course, have breakfast.

“Breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king, dinner like a beggar” is an old saying. That’s why one hears and reads over and over again: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” In the meantime, however, science no longer knows whether breakfast can really deliver what is promised: it must provide energy and ensure that you can do more. In addition, it stimulates the metabolism and thus helps to burn calories. It is also said that if you don’t eat breakfast, you will eat more during the day. Most of the assumptions are based on observational studies and according to James Betts, a nutritionist at the University of Bath (UK), the answer to the question of whether you necessarily need to eat breakfast is not as simple and clear as previously assumed. Inga Heckmann concludes: “Everyone has to decide for themselves how to eat breakfast. In any case, it makes no sense to force you to eat if you are not hungry. “However, if your stomach grumbles in the morning, you should opt for natural foods instead of ready-to-eat muesli and sweet yoghurt: Whole grain bread with homemade spread or smoothie, homemade cereals or hot porridge for breakfast: breakfast is what tastes good and is good.

4. Good morning tip: Drink in any case.

Many positive effects are attributed to the glass of water on an empty stomach: from detoxifying and stimulating digestion to shiny hair and healthy skin. In any case, there is no doubt that we should – if not have to – have a drink in the morning. Because: “You lose up to two liters of fluid during sleep, and this loss has to be compensated for in the morning,” explains Heckmann, who always has a bottle of water next to his bed and thus regulates his water balance before getting up. Whether it’s (lukewarm) water, coffee, herbs, green tea or whatever, or whether you rely on freshly squeezed juices is – again – a matter of taste.

5. Good morning advice:

go ahead And once again, owls and larks disagree: some can uproot trees in the morning, others don’t even want to say the word “morning sport”. Most of them belong to the latter – one of the reasons why Inga Heckmann, who is also a yoga teacher, recommends above all gentle exercises (yoga): “Slow and very relaxed sun salutations ensure gentle stimulation of the circulation. You can move your spine in the quadruped position. Of course, this is not necessarily yoga. Light stretching exercises are also a godsend for the body, as muscles sometimes shorten massively at night. “

6. Good morning tip: Oral hygiene

Don’t forget to brush your teeth after eating – ideally including the areas between your teeth. For this, you need so-called interdental brushes, because you can’t get between your teeth with conventional or electric toothbrushes. Another potential morning ritual is the extraction of oil known from the Indian Ayurveda health teachings. This is done by taking a tablespoon of high-quality vegetable oil and keeping it moving in the mouth for several minutes by rinsing and pulling between the teeth. It may take some time to get used to it at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can prepare breakfast, a shower or even get dressed on the side. Oil extraction reduces plaque, prevents tooth decay, helps fight bleeding gums and bad breath strengthens teeth and makes them white again.

7. Good morning tip: Stimulating shower

As is often the case, opinions differ on showering. The fact is that there is no right or wrong, so morning and evening showers are good. Psychologist Shelley Carson of Harvard University (USA) has found that showering in the morning encourages creativity. Inga Heckmann can understand: “When I take a shower in the morning, I often have a lot of good ideas and creative solutions.

According to Carson’s study, those who shower in the evening can relax better and fall asleep more quickly. The reason: showering raises and lowers body temperature after leaving the bathroom, which simply makes you tired. Seen in this way, cold showers actually make sense in the morning shower, after all, they promote blood circulation, stimulate circulation and allow us to leave the shower full of energy.

8. Good morning tip: listen to your favourite music.

Many people enjoy the calm before the daily morning storm. However, if you are after music, you can, for example, be woken up by your favourite music – radio stations with (boring) commercials are of course less suitable. Incidentally, music has the potential to improve mood and have a long-term positive effect on health. Scientist Yuna Ferguson from the University of Missouri (USA) was able to prove this in a study in 2013.

9. Good morning tip: Time for you

You barely have time in the morning. On the contrary, every minute is usually planned: making breakfast, preparing a snack, taking a shower, getting the kids dressed and, and, and, and. And now you should still take some time for yourself? No, you can’t do that! And yet that’s exactly what makes the difference, as Heckmann knows: “You don’t have to meditate for 20 minutes. You can also consciously drink your tea or coffee for 5 minutes, look out the window, let your thoughts wander or simply consciously inhale and exhale 20 times. “Another possibility is to take a break for a while and be grateful. That you are healthy, that you have a roof over your head, that you have a partner or that you are happy alone to have children – or that you can enjoy life without children, that it gets lighter every morning and not already in the evening it is dark at 5 p.m. that the sun is shining, that you can walk through the beautiful winter landscape well wrapped in a thick anorak or that you can listen to the rain in the cosy warm living room as it crackles on the window. Or for the good food that provides us with daily energy. The list could go on indefinitely, even if it seems different for everyone – and that’s a good thing, because everyone can be thankful for other things. In other words, start the day by doing nothing, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Even if it seems different for everyone – and that’s a good thing, because everyone can be thankful for other things. In other words, start the day by doing nothing, even if it’s only for a few minutes. even if it seems different to everyone – and that’s a good thing, because everyone can be thankful for other things. In other words, start the day by doing nothing, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

10. Good morning tip: Rewrite

Writing a kind of to-do list for the next night has become a kind of mental hygiene for many people to end the day and sleep better. But writing also makes sense in the morning because it activates the brain in a holistic way. For example, you can write down your dreams or write down quotes or individual words that come to mind. Or you can write down three things that you want to do consciously that day, and you can say in the evening that they have enriched the day and your own life. Give it a try!

We’ve put together 10 good morning tips to make your day easier.

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