calories burned in 1 hour walking

calories burned in walking for 1 hour

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Walking offers several seemingly endless benefits for your health and well-being. And this, whether it be your health objective: either weight loss, better mood, stress management, etc. Walking can help you reach your goal. So, find out how many calories you burn while walking for 1hour.

Walking is a low-impact aerobic workout that is simple to do, requires no special equipment, and burn off calories efficiently. The number of calories you will burn walking depends upon the length of time you walk, just how strenuous your walk is and just how much you weigh.

Calories Burned for Non-intense Walking

Walking at a moderate rate is a fantastic way to get your heart pumping and discard calories. The particular amount you burn off, however, is dependent on factors such as your body weight as well as your own pace, based on Harvard Health Publishing.

Have a glimpse at those values to estimate just how much you will burn off after an hour or so walking:

Calories burned for an hour’s walk


 Walking at 3.5 mph  Walking at four mph Walking at 4.5 mph
125 lbs. 240 298 356
155 lbs. 270 334 400
185 lbs. 300 372 444
Source: Harvard Health Publishing

Calories Burned for intense walking

Bumping up the space or intensity of your walk raises the amount of calories you burn off. One simple means to do this is by integrating elevation on your step. Head to a local mountain in your area, or place your treadmill into an incline.

Another simple method to add incline to your everyday walk is to go trekking at a more elevated area, which may burn a severe quantity of calories.

Here is how much you will burn after only an hour of trekking:

Weight Calories Burned
125 lbs. 360
155 lbs. 446
185 lbs. 532
Source: Harvard Health Publishing

determine how many calories you burn in walking

To find an estimate of the number of calories you burn while walking, then you may either use the MET formula or an online calorie calculator, as stated by the Hospital for Special Surgery.

The MET formula employs so-called metabolic equivalents, one method to gauge the number of calories you burn performing a given action, according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Walking programs may also gauge your calories burned, with GPS and the information you report (such as total walking time and rate or attempt ).

tips for burning more calories while walking

Try out these hints to bring a little challenge to your exercise and boost the amount of calories burned while walking.

  • Shake up your own pace. Interval training — switching between bouts of quicker and slower walking — will help you burn off more calories and also eliminate weight. Beginners should begin with 30 minutes of fast walking, followed by two minutes and 30 minutes at a moderate speed. Attempt to finish five periods every time you workout.
  • Insert some body-weight strength exercises for your walking pattern. For every 5 minutes of walking, then try to stop and perform 1 minute of power exercises.

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