Get out from your comfort zone!

In my experience, getting out of the comfort zone contributes significantly to personal development, is even a prerequisite and a pioneer of success.

Get out of the comfort zone and take the step …

What exactly is the comfort zone?

My definition:

The personal comfort zone is the zone in which we feel safe and comfortable. It is the environment we know and are used to. And it ends where the overtaking and/or effort begins and it is no longer comfortable.

The comfort zone is individual

Each person has an individual comfort zone because the boundaries between feeling safe and overcoming are different.

Exceeding this limit causes a feeling of discomfort as one leaves the familiar environment.

It will take a shy person to talk to a stranger, with whom an outgoing person has no problem.

Overcome your own limits

It can be extremely rewarding to manage the risk and risk associated with exceeding one’s own comfort level. In a protected and limited environment – e.g. B. in the office or at home – this is often not possible. Often, a small kick is enough to make life more worth living and to foster personal maturity.

Regularly look for challenges that cost you a little extra, that require you to leave your comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be great.

Or set yourself a big goal that can be overwhelming at the moment. Break it down into smaller steps and head towards your destination. Because leaving the comfort zone can have many positive consequences:

  1. You get to know new things and expand your horizons.
  2. In particular, you get to know yourself better and develop further.
  3. By dealing with yourself more intensively, you can evaluate and make optimal use of your abilities in the future.
  4. As you move on to new horizons, you become bored and give your life a new lease on life.
  5. It is a fantastic feeling and a great sense of accomplishment to have accomplished a great challenge.
  6. Your self-esteem and self-confidence will increase, so over time, you will be able to overcome higher and higher obstacles. You grow with challenges.
  7. Fears can be overcome by facing them and leaving your comfort zone.
  8. You know a lot about yourself and have a rich experience that is not every day.
  9. If you regularly leave your comfort zone, you will have less trouble doing it again and again in the future.


When I personally think back on what I have accomplished, most of them have required me to leave my comfort zone. Even though achieving an ambitious goal was sometimes associated with difficulties, obstacles and a lot of effort, in retrospect it was worth it.

You probably won’t be much different when you look back. Which goal are you most proud of? I guess you also had to leave your comfort zone to reach that goal.

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