3 Healthy Vegan Habits That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

We should learn these habits from vegans: Tips for a vegan, balanced and healthy diet, including recipe ideas with lots of vegetables, legumes and healthy fats.

After vegetarians still had to prepare lunch from side dishes in canteens in the 1990s, meatless meals have now arrived in the middle of society. Of course, not everyone has a permanent vegetarian or vegan diet, but – at least when I look at myself and those around me – meat and fish are eaten much more consciously today than in my childhood. You can even find vegan options in some hamburger stores and more and more people are participating in campaigns like #Veganuary. Already heard It’s all about starting the new year with a plant-based diet and consciously dealing with the subject of vegan cooking in everyday life.


Personally, I love vegetables. Because the dishes that contain them are not only healthy, but also generally prepared quickly and simply delicious. And: you feel wonderfully light with them. But as usual: you only see what you know and the first steps beyond the culinary autopilot always involve a little extra effort. To make it easier for you and your loved ones, you will now find 4 tips for a vegan diet with more vegetables, legumes and more. In your menu.

Top of a bowl filled with zucchini noodles, tomato sauce, arugula and pine nuts.


In classic dishes, vegetables are often only a supporting actor that complements the meat or helps you to satiate yourself. Except for salads maybe;) When I cook and develop recipes, I always think first about the vegetables present and what I can make delicious with them. And then, if necessary, think about what goes with it: protein, good fats and healthy carbohydrates to end the meal. My favourite recipe in this context: braised pointed cabbage on celery puree with a touch of Rhineland Hesse – you should definitely try it!


Of course, I love butter and there are some excellent vinaigrettes with fresh cream, yoghurt and co. In everyday life, I particularly like to use olive oil to briefly sear vegetables (or fried eggs). In salads, I like to try nut oils such as walnut or hazelnut oil. What also works very well in dressings is nut butter like tahini or a piece of avocado – both guarantee wonderfully creamy results. 

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